Patricia Jones
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Memorial Candles
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Lisa Schoeneberger lit a candle on 04/12/2019: "You are on my mind tonight ... xo"
Brvnturpfb Brvnturpfb lit a candle on 11/05/2018: "Hello, how about my test post?"
Xreinqcy Xreinqcy lit a candle on 10/14/2018: "Hey! This is my test post!"
Kelli Geoghegan lit a candle on 06/16/2018: "Pattie, how can it be 11 years. We miss you and your Mom! Thanks for watching over us all. Love you! Kelli ❤️"
Roger Holzem II lit a candle on 01/14/2018: "You were and are loved! Your music will live on as will you in Heaven!"
Gale lit a candle on 04/20/2017: "Miss you much girlfriend. I know you are watching. ❤️❤️ Hold my place up there! Thanks for the short visits. 😘🌹"
Kelli G. lit a candle on 04/02/2017: "Happy Birthday in heaven Pattie! Love and miss you! ❤"
Cesar Rodriguez lit a candle on 09/17/2016: "I knew you at Believe Tour DVD, and love it. God Bless You."
Kim Kirsch lit a candle on 05/11/2016: "chris and i have been feeling you big time over the past few weeks. miss you."
Lisa lit a candle on 03/29/2016: "Just thinking of you Diva Dahhhling -- Miss you"
Kelli Geoghegan lit a candle on 11/25/2015: "It's that time of year. We miss you so much. Now your Mom is with you. We are without Aunt Helen! Love you both!"
G. Michael lit a candle on 08/22/2015: "Remembering seeing your wonderful performances in Smokey Joe's Cafe - especially your duet with Adrian Bailey - RIP"
Kelli G. lit a candle on 06/08/2015: "its been a sad time for us all. We know your Mom is with you now. Looking for double hearts now!❤️❤️"
Kim Kirsch lit a candle on 04/02/2015: "Happy birthday my beautiful sister. I miss you"
Sandy James lit a candle on 03/10/2015: "I still remember when Pattie would sing to me for my Birthday at ProHaircutters. Darren and I Love you and miss you."
Kelli G. lit a candle on 12/23/2014: "Merry Christmas Pattie! We miss you always."
Chris Adams lit a candle on 08/24/2014: "Sitting here listening to you Pat. wow, still have that, how blessed. miss ya and love ya forever my dear friend"
Grace Villas lit a candle on 07/16/2014: "Mss u much luv ya,"
Gale Varcarolis lit a candle on 06/21/2014: "I miss you every day. ❤️❤️ you always."
Rex Rutherford lit a candle on 04/02/2014: "Happy 61st Birthday! What a great gift the spirits have been given to rehearse with someone of your calibur."
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