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13 - Music's a Razor
12 - Abstract
11 - Cloud Dancer
10 - Pattie's Tune
09 - He Thinks, She Thinks
08 - Should Have Been
07 - The Ballad of Jack
06 - Mirror
05 - Not For You
04 - Woe Is Me
03 - Needed Love
02 - Word Games
01 - Ms. Leader
Brown Eyed Girl
08 This Time
07 - Wrong For Me
06 - Looks
05 - Perfect
04 - Winter Journey
03 - Elevator Love
02 - Pain
01 - Don't You Go and Get Famous
You Don't Own Me - Beehive
You Don't Have to Say You Love Me - Beehive
Wishin & Hopin - Beehive
Various Commercials and Voiceovers by Pattie
Turn Back Time
The Name Game from Beehive
The Look of Love from Leader of the Pack
Take Me Home - Pattie Lead Vocals
Song For The Lonely - Final Song-Final Show
Shameless with Michael Bolton
Remember Walking in the Sand - Beehive
Pearl's A Singer - Smokey Joe's Cafe
Not For You
Not For You
Neighborhood - Smokey Joes Cafe
Natural Woman - Beehive
McDonalds Commercial
Love Lies
Let There Be Peace
Leave It Alone
It's my Party - Beehive
I Keep Forgettin - Smokey Joes Cafe
I go to Extremes - Billy Joel Band
I Can Never Go Home Again - Beehive
Exodus Babylon
After All
60's - 70's Medley with Cher's band - Pattie Lead Vocal
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