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Happy Birthday Pattie!  / Kelli G. (Cousin)  Read >>
Happy Birthday Pattie!  / Kelli G. (Cousin)
We miss and love you so much. We know you and your Mom are together! We Miss you both so much. Our family will never be the same! We see hearts double hearts all the time. We know you are with us! Love you Kelli❤❤ Close
Still in my thoughts. Still in my heart.  / Julie Forsyth (schoolmate)  Read >>
Still in my thoughts. Still in my heart.  / Julie Forsyth (schoolmate)
It will soon be 10 years of missing Pattie. Grief is love with no place to go. Sending it out to her..... Close
It's Christmans time again  / Kelli G. (Cousin)  Read >>
It's Christmans time again  / Kelli G. (Cousin)
It's Christmas Eve and your gone from us 7 yrs now. How is that possible? It still makes no sense. We all miss you and think of you often. I know we have met in my dreams. Thanks for being my angel. Merry Christmas Pattie! It will never be the same without your beautiful voice with us. Love you. Close
Birthday girl  / Julie Forsyth (friend)  Read >>
Birthday girl  / Julie Forsyth (friend)
Love and misses on your day of birth, lovely Aries lady! Close
I Love You Forever And A Day Pattie.....  / Andrew G. Kent (Early Very Close Friend )  Read >>
I Love You Forever And A Day Pattie.....  / Andrew G. Kent (Early Very Close Friend )

My Dearest Friend Pattie.....

I just wanted to give my heart felt love and energy to YOU and your family....As someone I knew since 1969...when you were a "tom-boy" in name only... a VERY Amazing very sensitive talented creative beautiful deeply spirited woman with a very old soul and a very deep heart.....You Loved me...and I loved you...We used to cut school together....and I watched you rise in many of your different incarnations... all through the years....I was soooo proud of you..I wish I could have helped on different occassions...I tried...My Brother Jeff knew you... worked with you,Produced you...wrote songs with you...that I can Not share....maybe one day Jeff cut my made me laugh......we met at parties sometimes through mutual friends.......but the most amazing thing about you....was not just your Golden piped voice  and I personally, (objectively) think you were one of the greatest singers in History!! but ..your amazing smile, your infectious laugh, and most important...Your Golden... VERY DEEP Sensitive Heart & Spirit!! <3 <3 <3  

 I will love you Forever and a day and after that..with every waking moment....with every breath I take...I Miss you!!!

Godspeed to you my dearest Friend!!

XXXOOO Andrew Graham Kent (NYC)

I think of you often.  / Julie Forsyth (friend)  Read >>
I think of you often.  / Julie Forsyth (friend)
As I connect with more and more people from the past, folks from Jersey....friends we knew, your wonderful self enters the conversation. You were SO loved, Pattie. Our hearts are still broken. Close
Simply the Best!  / Steve Arnott (Eternal fan )  Read >>
Simply the Best!  / Steve Arnott (Eternal fan )

To the memory of a beautiful woman with an equally beautiful voice and personality.

My deepest and sincerest condolences to the family & friends of the wonderful woman.

I had the pleasure of seeing you perform live with Cher on the Farewell Tour and of course on the DVD concert videos.

Forever in everyones heart and memories



5 yrs later  / KIM KIRSCH (SISTER)  Read >>
5 yrs later  / KIM KIRSCH (SISTER)

i miss you so dam much, sisteer.  dam.  it hurts.  we were with you and dad today.  the anniversary of your death.   omg.  5 years.  we all felt you with us.


We saw you too!  / Judi Darcy (Sister)  Read >>
We saw you too!  / Judi Darcy (Sister)
5 years today, so hard to believe.  We were all there earlier today, we're sure you and Daddy saw us - we certainly saw you!  Two deer running thru the cemetary, a big one and a smaller one.  Your spirits live on. Close
5 year anniversary!  / Kelli G. (cousin)  Read >>
5 year anniversary!  / Kelli G. (cousin)
Patti, I guess lighting a candle wasnt enough space to mark this day.  So hard to believe that it was 5 years ago that we lost you.  I still feel the pain and the loss to our family.  We are going on but I know a little piece of all of us is lost.  I remember June 16, 2007 like it was yesterday.  I was sitting at my daughter Kaitlin's dance recital.  She was on stage dancing, and the song was a song from "Smokey Joes", I turned to my mother-in-law and said that I cant wait to tell you. Your voice was emulating through the theater.  It was amazing because of Kates love for you and how much she idolized you. She still does, and every show she does she dedicates it to you.  The next morning after the reciatl I got up to a phone call from my sister Patti, and she told me.  That was such a shock to all of us.  How someone so much alive and beautiful and talented and loved could be take from us.  Then a few hours later I remember that Kate was dancing and you were singing.  That was a gift to us and a moment we will never forget.  So ironic that it happened.  Especially because I always told you I was raising your kids, because they all loved what you did the shows and singing.  Well theres a part of them that is you.  Kates love for you is evident.  She walked into my room last nite and said shes gone 5yrs.  I hugged her and said I know.  Well I  guess I said enough, when the keyboard is soaked with tears then I know.  Thank you for all you have given us and still give.  You are always in our hearts now and forever.  Love you, Kelli Close
Stunned / David Feldstein (friend)  Read >>
Stunned / David Feldstein (friend)
I'm a friend of Patty's who lost touch with her about 6 years ago {2005}.  For some reason I was thinking about Patty today and googled her. Needless to say, I'm so saddened by this.  The world is a lesser place without her presence.... that incredible voice, that cute little mischievous smile. Even though I haven't seen Patty in years, I'll miss knowing she's no longer here to brighten the world.  so sad...... Love ya Patty Close
Sympathies / Dan Ferris (fan)  Read >>
Sympathies / Dan Ferris (fan)

I first became aware of Pattie upon viewing the Cher Farewell Tour video. I was impressed with both her and Stacy's performance as Cher's accompanying vocalists. It was also apparent that they were not only Cher's bandmates but her friends as well.

Interested in more information on the member's of the band, I searched their names to see what I could find. I have to say that I was both shocked and saddened to find this tragic turn of events for Pattie. However, after going through much of the info on this site, I see what a unique talent she really was and that she was capable of doing so much more than background vocals. This knowledge only makes the shocking news of her untimely demise all the more tragic for lovers of true musical talent.

I know that years have passed since Pattie's death, but I would still like to offer my sincere sympathies and condolences to the Darcy and the Jones families. It is always sad to lose one so young but especially so when that person spent their life sharing their talents and love of life with all of the rest of us.

A belated good-bye, Pattie. May God grant to you eternal peace and joy. . . and to your family healing and happy memories of your brief time here with them.

With Love and Gratitude,

Dan Ferris

Richmond, VA

Facebook Buzz  / Julie Forsyth (friend)  Read >>
Facebook Buzz  / Julie Forsyth (friend)
Current and former residents from West Orange are sharing stories about Pattie. Everyone who knew her remembers her fondly. Those who didn't wish they had. Feel the LOVE songbird! We miss having you with us. Close
Thank you  / Mary &. Buddy Gabriel (On tour )  Read >>
Thank you  / Mary &. Buddy Gabriel (On tour )
My husband Buddy was a truck driver for the farwell tour and while on tour our son Patrick was born. Patty was the only person that could calm him down when he was upset. She had such a way with him. He is 8 now and when he saw a picture of Patty holding him he asked me about her in looking her up we discovered that she had passed. We are so sorry to hear this. She was an incredible woman with such a great soul. They say children can tell things about people that adults can't Patrick knew what a special lady she was. Thank you to whomever is keeping this sight alive at least Patrick can read about the lady who played such a big part in the first year of his life. Thank you Patty you will forever be loved and missed.- Mary Buddy & Patrick Gabriel Close
Thank You  / Anonymous (Friend)  Read >>
Thank You  / Anonymous (Friend)
You are missed...your legacy will live forever Close
Another birthday.  / Julie L. Forsyth (friend)  Read >>
Another birthday.  / Julie L. Forsyth (friend)
Been thinking about you so much lately. Youtube has removed some of the old videos I would turn to so I could see and hear you again...thank you so much to whomever is maintaining this tribute site. Miss you dearly songbird. Love always Julie Close
Just saw her  / Perry (new fan )  Read >>
Just saw her  / Perry (new fan )
Was watching her perform back up to Cher in "If I Could Turn Back Time" and was so struck by her energy and unique dance moves that I immediately researched and here I am to say I am sorry for her loss. Proof I hope that she is still giving. Close
xmas note  / Kelli G. (cousin)  Read >>
xmas note  / Kelli G. (cousin)
Here we are another christmas without you.  The time seems to pass us by so quickly.  We are all still stuck at a place before you left us.  People say that over time it gets easier but I still dont believe this is true.  The loss of you to so many is not easy at all I guess because it was such a sudden thing that we didnt get a chance to say goodbye.  So now we will just keep trying to say goodbye to you by never letting you go.  Your spirit and your voice and your beautiful face is ingrained in our hearts and minds til the day we leave this earth and are with you again.  you are just someone we cant let go of I dont know why but with you its just different.  We all love and miss you so much and the holiday are just not the same without you.  We are trying but we all know that theres someone missing.   I guess it the way we bring you with us through life.  Well its time for me to stop and get going. I will hug your family for you!  The tears are rolling down my cheeks as I write this my sweet cousin.  You are our angel and we will never forget you. I promise that.  Merry Christmas Pattie Thanks for watching over us and guilding us. I know its you stearing the coarse.  Love you Kelli Close
Thank you....  / Bill S. (Freind)  Read >>
Thank you....  / Bill S. (Freind)
You have touched the lives of some really wonderful people...your soul and beautiful music lives on forever.... THANK YOU. Close
Good to have you home!  / Judi Darcy (sister in law )  Read >>
Good to have you home!  / Judi Darcy (sister in law )
Your third anniversary - and the pain is still fresh. But now you're back with your family we are thankful to Courtney for parting with you and we all feel this is right that you would want this. Your favorite people were all there today all remembering you in our own ways your laugh your smile your sweet and wonderful personality and your generous heart.  You are alive in our hearts forever and we are all grateful for the wonderful gift of having you in our lives. We love you Pattie. Close
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