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Thinking of you !  / Kitlin G. (cousin)  Read >>
Thinking of you !  / Kitlin G. (cousin)
Hey Pattie !for that pst few weeks i have though about you alot for a few weeks now. You are on my mind probly most of the day.My mom dad nd i where looking threw old picture books and we found one of you holding me when i was little. I dont think that it hast truly hit me yet that your gone Meibe its bcause i know your looking down on me and the family i can feel it. I went to go see Smokey Joe's Cafe last night at the Papermill. I thought about you the whole time and once in a while would feel like you where sitting next to me watching . The girl that did your part wasent even close to how amazing you where but i know that she knew you and made sure everyone saw that you where a part of it. I tryed out for plays i the park last saterday . Got 2 call backs and i thought you would be proud.Every time i went to singor dance i thought "dance /sing your heart out so when Pattieis looking down she will be proud !" I did my best for you because i cnt think of any other wayfor me to live my life then to follow in your footsteps and make you proud ! I Miss and Love you cousin ! Close
Miss you!  / Dawn Curry James (friend)  Read >>
Miss you!  / Dawn Curry James (friend)

It seems like yesturday you were singing in the show "Me and Rusty Magee" (A New York Romance).  I came across the program tonight from the late 80's which at this time is starting to brown at the edges.  I really miss those days of listening to your voice and speaking with you at the bar afterwords.  You were an inspiration to me.  How you and Rusty were both taken from us all too both took on such an importance in so many peoples lives....I can only conclude that you were both angels given as a gift for a period of time.  God bless you Pattie and Rusty.  God Bless.

a Christmas note for Pattie  / Kelli G. (cousin)  Read >>
a Christmas note for Pattie  / Kelli G. (cousin)

Hi Pattie I had to come here today and leave you a note.  Its Christmas time again and its another christmas without you.  People say it gets easier but Im still waiting for that to happen.  I know you are on all of our minds everyday but especially today and tomorrow.  I will give your family an extra hug for you we all love and miss you so much.  I try and share you and your music with every friend that I think would appreciate who you were and your beautiful talent. When they come here to hear you and see you they fall in love.  So thats why I do it to keep you alive and to share you.  Well I have to go now but just wanted to leave this note.  Merry Christmas! You are never far from our thoughts and hearts.  Love you and miss you!  Kelli

Thank You  / Bill (Freind of Keli Riker )  Read >>
Thank You  / Bill (Freind of Keli Riker )
I have heard so much about you and know you had  a great influence on a a great friend's life. I know you are watching over her
I love your music  - your legacy will live forever. Close
Seems like only yesterday  / Judi Darcy (sister in law )  Read >>
Seems like only yesterday  / Judi Darcy (sister in law )
2 years, yet it seems like only yesterday. I know you're out there, watching all of us - we're always looking for you and we'll never stop. Close
In Honor of Pattie  / Robin Samaniego (Friend of Kelli Riker )  Read >>
In Honor of Pattie  / Robin Samaniego (Friend of Kelli Riker )

My deepest condolences on your loss of Pattie.



Robin Samaniego

My Angel Has Called Me  / Shawn Williams (Singer/Friend)  Read >>
My Angel Has Called Me  / Shawn Williams (Singer/Friend)

I was walking down the street that day, the voice is calling my name and say: "Shawn, just keep your head up and I will always be here for you." And I said: "Patti, I understand, that your voice singing straight into my heart and my soul." I pray for her that night and I said: "Lord, please pray for Patti, that I must continued singing for her to pay her respect." And the Lord said to me: "Shawn, Patti will be your friend and your guardian angel to protect you and guard you and she'll always be there with you. . . . . .forever!" Patti will pay my respect of keep singing.

Patti, I will continue on singing, I will always there for you with my heart and my soul. Cause you're my soulful angel has called me!

Loved Your voice and great dancing  / Dave Stewart   Read >>
Loved Your voice and great dancing  / Dave Stewart

Patti was a beautiful lively woman. I watched her perform with Cher. She so very obviously loved her work. Joy exuded from her. I'm so very sorry that she's gone.



Missing you!  / Kelli G. (cousin)  Read >>
Missing you!  / Kelli G. (cousin)
Happy Birthday Pattie,  I can't beleive its almost two years that you been gone. Now two of your birthdays have passed.  Its really still seems surreal that your not with us.  Will we ever get use to that? I guess because we have your pictures and your songs that we all look at and listen to,  that its like your still here.  Your family, I mean all of us miss you everyday!  When were all together, we know someones missing, theres that empty place where you should be. We try and talk about you and thats hard too, because were still not there yet.  We may never be.  Kim and Dave, and Ken tryed to make xmas the same, to bring the music back. Because it kinda died the day you did.  They did a pretty good job, but again you were missing.  Your beautiful voice and heart wasn't there.  They say it gets easier but sometimes, I do beleive that losing you may never get easy for any of us!  Im still glad we have a place to go and talk to you, cause that helps.  Well I gotta go now, cause like they say life goes on.   It does, but the memories live in us forever.  I love You Pattie, and wish you were here.  We are all better for having known you sweet cousin.  Love you ,Kelli Close
what a beautiful thing you've all done for her  / Patrick Maccia (cousin kelli's friend )  Read >>
what a beautiful thing you've all done for her  / Patrick Maccia (cousin kelli's friend )

I dont know patty but it is so obvious how you all loved her. I feel your pain. I hope this site helps you all get thru the heartache you feel.


Patrick M

In my dreams!  / Kelli Geoghegan (cousin)  Read >>
In my dreams!  / Kelli Geoghegan (cousin)
Pattie,  We met in my dream again the other nite!  I'm trying to put them all together and see what they are trying to tell me.  Maybe nothing at all but a nice visit with you!  I miss you so much! We all do! Remember from the wizard of oz "It doesn't matter how much you love, but how much you are loved by others" I think that line fits you so well!  I will see you in my dreams!  If I can have only that ,then I will take it.  love you, Kelli Close
Thanksgiving / John Malone (None - Fan )  Read >>
Thanksgiving / John Malone (None - Fan )
For years I have watched David Letterman and for some reason I always notice Patti in the background. The fact is I did not know her name until tonight. In one performance River Deep Mountain High, I watched her over and over again. She made the entire song for me. Her face told a thousand stories.
I am deeply saddened by your lost and I will say a pray tonight for you and her family.
She made me smile.
Would that we hadn't lost touch...  / Richard Kent Green (Colleagues - 27 years ago )  Read >>
Would that we hadn't lost touch...  / Richard Kent Green (Colleagues - 27 years ago )

I just discovered this page, while trying to get back in touch with Patty through a Google search.

We worked together for a couple of years, in the early 80's, doing our thing in the  Weekend Show at Once Upon a Stove (3rd Ave & 24th St), then at Paper Moon (3rd St. Betw Thompson & Sullivan).

I was the upstart newcomer, Patty was the young pro with an old soul, a constant smile and always a supportive word - even when I'd mess up. 

Her sets are so memorable, it's like it was last week. "The Stranger" was my favorite.

We all sang backup for each other (at least, I got to once I was fully part of the gang). Heaven.

We ran into each other once in a while in Hell's Kitchen, home to many recording studios (& me). Patty was so modest and yet so proud about her gigs - whether she'd just recorded a one-line jingle or just opened in a big Broadway show.

She'd still always give me a big smile and a word of encouragement.

She was always, and always will be, an angel to me.


LOVE YOU  / Kim Kirsch (sister)  Read >>
LOVE YOU  / Kim Kirsch (sister)




labelle / Steven Portellod (friend&coworker)  Read >>
labelle / Steven Portellod (friend&coworker)

i was so sad to hear of pattie passing pattie and i worked together ina salon called gallery haircutter she always put a smile on everyone face she sure is a speical angle we both left the salon together pattie to persue her singing career and i a modeling career she lived on east 28 street and i on east 34 street pattie rip and you will always live in our hearts

love you


Missing You  / Les Howell (admirer)  Read >>
Missing You  / Les Howell (admirer)

Although we only met a few times at the cher concerts you made it feel like we had know each other for ever.

One year on since you was taken from us you are  always in my thoughts and,always loved and missed by so many

God Bless you Pattie



1 year!  / Kelli Geoghegan (cousin)  Read >>
1 year!  / Kelli Geoghegan (cousin)
Dear Pattie,  Its still hard to believe that it has been one year, that you have been gone from us all!  We all have stumbled through, with a big chunk of our hearts missing.  All year we been trying to fill it, but maybe were not suppose to, maybe its suppose to be there, to remind us how much we all loved you.  To make us better for having known and loved you.  We know for sure that you were a gift from God and he just was lending you to us,  so you could share your beautiful voice and soul with us!  So you could teach us to be better and be happy and to enjoy every minute life has given us!  I could hear your voice saying its all good!  Well to tell you the truth its not all good without you, but were trying!  I know you would be mad that were al still sad, but I don't think you relized what an impact you made, in the short time you were here!  Sometimes when I'm just muddling through and I'm shopping in a store, a song will come on and it stops me in my tracks and either its you or someone who sounds like you.   It makes me smile and  sad but its your way of helping us through.  What a treasured gift we have of that,  we can turn on the Tv or radio and see and hear reminders of you, not every person has that when they lose someone they love.  Thanks for that Pattie, and thanks for so many memories and moments!  Thanks for making us all want to be better!!!!  We love and miss you so much! Maybe its gonna take a lot longer then a year to get through this!  No matter how long we will never forget you or stop loving you!  Love, Kelli   Close
Missing you.  / Leigh Arita (Cousin)  Read >>
Missing you.  / Leigh Arita (Cousin)

Dear Pattie,

     A year has gone by, but a thought was never missed.  You have touched so many, and I stil can't believe that I won't be seeing you soon.    I hope that you are truly happy now.  You are always in my thought.   Miss you dear cousin,  Love Leigh

Miss you Pattie, can't believe it has been a year!  / Debbie Bunce (Friend)  Read >>
Miss you Pattie, can't believe it has been a year!  / Debbie Bunce (Friend)
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